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Fetching Foam

20140711-070756-25676035.jpgA few months ago I found myself in a pickle regarding bath toys. From about 4 to 12 months, the standard foam letters were the highlights of the tub. Good to chew on and stick to the wall. But around the big birthday, I knew she was ready for something more. The problem was most things I saw were a little too advanced. Bath time basketball. Gone fishin magnetic poles. All good fun. But at a later time. I finally stumbled upon the Floating Wonder Blocks by eWonderWorld via Amazon. Read more…

Snugly Oldie, Multipurpose Goodie

20140710-133935-49175723.jpgWhether nature or nurture, Baby Willow loves a cozy spot to snuggle. In May, I bought her the Anywhere Beanbag by Pottery Barn Kids and have certainly gotten my dollars’ worth. It’s a high quality, cozy pod to lay in, grab a snack or catch a movie. Read more…

“To be happy, one must find one’s bliss”

Yck2gimJMJV4j_KKikhiPONUQSAhbv4FtTXae5Gl1xYThe baby industry sells many products based on eliciting fear from unknowing parents. Low IQ, SIDS, not enough vitamin D, too many fruits, flat heads, too hot, too cold, and on, and on. I try to avoid that sort of propaganda when I can. But, when I read on an airline website that my jogging stroller was too big and would have to be checked instead of milling around airport terminals with me, I threw my grilled cheese to the side and started up my baby gear research engines.

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Transatlantic Baby – Episode Twee

2013-10-19 10.02.23After all was said and done, I was glad I toted so much baby gear with me while we traveled abroad to Europe.  Here’s a recap of how I survived an airport layover, an 8 hour flight and a commute to our final destination.  Get ready Amsterdam, here come mama and Willow! Read more…

Transatlantic Baby – Episode Een

IMG_6442Well slap me silly and call me Mama.  Traveling with Wilow ain’t no drama!

Checking In – When we arrived at the airport, we received the news that the first leg of our trip to Holland was delayed by 2 hours, which meant that we would miss our connecting flight.  Stay calm, mama.   Read more…

And All That Bib!

20131004-233651.jpgShortly before Willow was born, I completed my meticulous, ridiculous, patriotic duty of home nesting. My husband likely shouted God Bless America and tooted his kazoo the day I finished. Not a single nook or cranny was left untouched. And in the kitchen the oh-so-important space for Tupperware was deprioritized and relocated to make way for a drawer dedicated to baby essentials. I swear that 7 pound bundle of joy was allocated as much space as a teenage girl could fill with nail painting supplies. Read more…

Imaginary friends ok, invisible friends not.

clean bearWe spend a lot of money on toys for our babies and kids! We love colors, toys that make sounds, toys that don’t make sounds. Plush, plastic, soft and fuzzy. We are struck by claims of IQ boosters. We pay extra for BPA free, natural wood, organic, non-toxic and made in the USA. Basically, we are willing to give more for things that will advance our children while keeping them super healthy. Interestingly, can we all also say that we regularly clean those toys so that they continue to be safe for the kiddos?

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Pumping at work just got easier.

women at workIn the old days, women returning to work would either ween their babies off breastmilk or would have to deal with excruciatingly sore breasts full of a days supply of milk. The women who could pump at work were stuck with the odors and germs of pumping in the bathroom. Well luckily, ladies, those days are over. Hallelujah. Here is a run down of what you need to know about pumping at work:

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The key to getting good discounts on baby purchases is planning ahead. If you wait until you actually need something, you are more likely to pay full price.

$10 is a small price to pay for happiness

happiestbabyThere is a must-see video available online that gives advice on how to soothe a baby. It is called “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, and is based on the book with the same name. I had originally planned to read the book when I was preggers, but never got around to it. Then in the days leading up to the birth, and trust me there were many of them (!), I found out there was a movie made that teaches the basic principles of the book. They are called the 5 S’s, which are 5 soothing techniques that when used individually or in combinations actually work to soothe a baby.

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Baby Gear – Months 0 to 5

As the wise old man once said, “If it makes the baby happy, it makes the mama happy”.  Here are some things that have kept us ladies pretty pleased over the last 5 months.

Newborn | aden + anais azure swaddle blankets, my breast friend deluxe nursing pillow

1st Month | 4moms mamaroo, gerber side snap long sleeved Ts

2nd Month | joovy babasling, white noise for babies sleep

3rd Month | espirit animal kingdom booty socks, mamas and papas baby snug

4th Month | infantino pop & swap gym, tillie knock knock

5th Month | fisher price jumperoo animal kingdom,  happy bellies: oatmeal cereal

Yes MAM!

mamAs a first time mom, I was heavily coached at the hospital within hours of Willow’s birth not try a pacifier for at least 2-4 weeks for a couple of reasons – establishing milk supply, nipple confusion, inadvertently skipping feedings, etc.  So, I took the advice from the lactation consultants and waited to try them with Willow.   Read more…

I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dirty stains, too.

20130806-221449.jpgI’ve only ever used one brand of stain remover. But of that one brand, I’ve already been through 60 ounces of it. It’s basically the Kingslayer of stain removers, in my humble opinion. I had received a ~3 oz sample of it in the quintessential baby shower gift: the diaper cake. I think I only need to give one example to show why it made sense not to even try anything else… Read more…

There’s no such thing as a free breast pump, or is there?

pumpIf you want to have a long lasting and loving relationship with your nips, invest in a good breast pump.  That advice can’t be taken lightly.  I read and watched a lot of pump reviews when I was picking mine out and found that the vast majority of cheaper options caused women to get sore and even cracked or bleeding nipples.  Yikes!   Read more…

Scrub-a-dub-dub, get that sunscreen off my soft spot.

nursing padsLet’s face it.  The very concept of washing a baby’s soft spot is intimidating.  Especially when washing off sunscreen is involved.  So is the rest of the slippery baby body once it gets wet.  You worry about dropping, dunking, water or soap in the eyes, etc.  When I set out on my quest for bath supplies for my baby, I found that I was pretty picky.   Read more…

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vintage fashions for baby

I can’t help myself when it comes to vintage baby clothes.  They are so much cuter and even less expensive than today’s modern options.  I find a lot of items on Etsy.  But for the best prices, finding them at a local thrift shop is the best.

smiling planet

This book is really cute and has a great message.  I got it as a gift after my baby was born and just recently pulled it off the shelf.  Glad I did!

Tiger Stripe is Not Just an Ice Cream Flavor


One of the first things I wondered about after finding out I was preggers was stretch marks.  After scouring the internet and even taking a precautionary visit to a dermatologist, I picked out a natural oil based product at Whole Foods called Mother’s Special Blend.   Read more…

An avid reader of fiction. Less words the better, please.

Me and MeowWillow won’t pay attention to just any book.  Why should she?  At 4 months, she has preferences and is learning how to specify them.  She prefers fiction over non-fiction.  Plain images over fancy sketches.  Her first favorite book was Me and Meow.  It’s totally a bizarre read.   Read more…