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vintage fashions for baby

I can’t help myself when it comes to vintage baby clothes.  They are so much cuter and even less expensive than today’s modern options.  I find a lot of items on Etsy.  But for the best prices, finding them at a local thrift shop is the best.

smiling planet

This book is really cute and has a great message.  I got it as a gift after my baby was born and just recently pulled it off the shelf.  Glad I did!

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Is it time yet, Mommy?

I have been fortunate to have 5 months at home with my daughter.  I have one week remaining and then I will resume working outside of our home.  As I look back on this time, I realize I wouldn’t trade it for the world.   Read more…

Always plug in your electronics (like the baby monitor) before bed so that you are ready to go in the morning.

I read to my baby everyday so that one day she will have a giant brain, just like her daddy.

Tiger Stripe is Not Just an Ice Cream Flavor


One of the first things I wondered about after finding out I was preggers was stretch marks.  After scouring the internet and even taking a precautionary visit to a dermatologist, I picked out a natural oil based product at Whole Foods called Mother’s Special Blend.   Read more…

They warned me in yoga that things might not go as planned. Namaste.

Before I even decided to try Natural Childbirth, I had hired a Doula to help me through the process.  I highly recommend getting a Doula to any woman going through pregnancy and childbirth regardless of where you choose to give birth.  A doula has a wealth of information and provides amazing emotional support before, during and after the birth of the baby.  One of the things she gave me, besides tremendous support, was a timeline of Willow’s birth.  And when it was all finished she reminded me that, despite things not going at all the way I had planned, that childbirth is powerful, humbling and empowering.



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diy baby book

In college, I used to have this dilemma with day planners.  I hated all of the options.  Instead, what I would do was select a really cute journal and literally date each page for each school day with cute little boxes and color coded numbers.  It was a ridiculous plan, Read more…

Be with your baby as much as you can. Time goes too fast. In your child's life, he/she is a baby for a year, a child for about 10 years, a teen for 6 years and then an adult (and hopefully a friend) for the rest of your life. So one's actual hands-on parenting lasts less than 12-15 years.

my mom

Recipe for a Perfect Marg: Tequila, OJ, Lime, Salt, Ice, Swaddle, Swing and the Monitor

MARGWhen you have a baby, life will change. Yeah yeah.  We get it.  Everyone says this.  But how will it change?  That is the question.   Read more…

Willow Home

An avid reader of fiction. Less words the better, please.

Me and MeowWillow won’t pay attention to just any book.  Why should she?  At 4 months, she has preferences and is learning how to specify them.  She prefers fiction over non-fiction.  Plain images over fancy sketches.  Her first favorite book was Me and Meow.  It’s totally a bizarre read.   Read more…

you push 50% of your brain out when you push the baby out

Told to me by a friend, while I was still prego.