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James, Fetch me my dinner jacket and a package of diapers.

dipeAs I often do in life, I took the “scenic route” before discovering the fine art of diapering a young one.  Major cloth diaper fails, without backup disposables ready.  Living further than a 30 minute drive to shops carrying chlorine free options.  And the quintessential midnight diaper excursion for daddy, unplanned of course.  I suppose we could say that I just tried those things so that I would be better suited to write a review on this basic need of all new and repeat parents:  Diaper Service.  Or we can simply say better late than never.  Either way, I am on the righteous path now, and Willow’s bum has never been happier. Read more…

Say Cheese! Passport, please!


I’m about to set sail crossing the Big Pond for the first time Tot-in-Tow and I am finding it to be quite complex to plan. One of the major obstacles is getting the Wee One a US Passport. There are some serious rules to get the application’s green light from the kind government officials at the passport agency, which if aren’t followed, will mean you leave empty handed with a big fat “better luck next time” sign hanging around your neck. I swear that when we were there, 100% of the families that waltzed in the door waltzed right back out because something was missing…including mine.

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Again! Again!

Watch video buttonIt’s a precious moment that starts with a flash of a smile all too quickly replaced by a revealed shyness and a hidden face that she tucks into my body when I play Willow one of the many videos I have recorded of her with my cell. She peeks around the edge of my body to look again once she hears more of her baby babbles coming out of the device. It’s one of the only times that I see her react like this and it is just too cute.

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Moon Baby Milestones

Makes the mama very proud!!

I am a footrest.

footrestIt’s funny how your brain changes so much when you have a baby. Prior to baby, I was a complete workaholic. I regularly worked 7 days a week. I often hosted weekend parties at my place – beer in one hand, laptop with spreadsheet open in the other. I used to dream about meetings and deadlines and agendas. I used to shop at Banana Republic exclusively and buy things that were dry clean only. I was also a globe-trotter. In the last 2 years I have been to London at least four times, Sweden twice, Holland at least twice, France once and India, in addition to around the US for family visits and such.

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If they made them in your size, you’d wear them, too.

Willow's cool leg warmersBaby leg warmers are chic and practical.  Paired with a bloomer, they provide nice cover-up from the chill of household air-conditioning.  They are shed easily before swaddling for nap time to prevent sweating and over-heating.  I definitely get my $ out of them.  They come in many cute styles for purchase.  Willow’s sporting a pair from Crummy Bunny in this picture.  Also check out Hobo Mama’s easy warmer pattern online for free.

Stack ‘em, Whack ‘em, Strain ‘em, Drain ‘em


The Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups by Munchkin are bright, versatile and fun.  I purchased them online for $6 with free shipping.  The set includes 7 toys in a single package.  They are marketed for the bathtub because each cup bottom has a unique design of holes for straining water.  In our house, the cups are currently an indispensable part Daytime Playtime.   Read more…

diy baby quilt

quiltswatchesOne of the things that my mom does for each grandchild is the baby quilt. It’s a really special gift, amassed with a delicate blend of motherly and grandmotherly love. Each cut of fabric, motion of the presser foot and stitch off the bobbin is carried out with hands eagerly preparing to soon hold the new bundle of joy. Read more…

Reason #32 to say: More milk, please!

shotsThere is an amazing trick that makes taking your baby to get those dreaded shots at the pediatrician’s office much much easier.  I learned it from the nurse who did my home visit 2 days after Willow was born. Read more…

Imaginary friends ok, invisible friends not.

clean bearWe spend a lot of money on toys for our babies and kids! We love colors, toys that make sounds, toys that don’t make sounds. Plush, plastic, soft and fuzzy. We are struck by claims of IQ boosters. We pay extra for BPA free, natural wood, organic, non-toxic and made in the USA. Basically, we are willing to give more for things that will advance our children while keeping them super healthy. Interestingly, can we all also say that we regularly clean those toys so that they continue to be safe for the kiddos?

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