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When in doubt, throw it out…”The results from many of our tests reinforce the message that it’s best not to re-use any car seat that has been in a crash, whether or not it shows visible cracks. After our tests, even models that are not visibly cracked can still show signs of being potentially compromised upon close inspection: Plastics are visibly stressed, internal structures and bars are bent or have changed position, and parts that help create a taut, secure fit became pinched or difficult to use.” – from consumer reports

New Year, New Job, New House…Same Mama, Awesome Everything

20140301-005930.jpg2014 has started with a bang! My tiny tot has nearly become a toddling toddler. We bought a new house. My employer hired me on full time. It’s been so busy and a little neurotic voice in my head asked me to pause from my blog world in an effort not to jinks anything. My family of three has been through wave after wave of stress, shock, surprise, change and finally sheer joy. Read more…