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Ped Protection

A baby shoe fitting is a nice first of the start of the second year. With bottles and swaddles behind, protecting the peds is a new top priority. My mom had found the perfect store online and as soon as I saw the pictures on the website of the cute shop I knew I’d be making a purchase there soon. The event landed a few weeks shy of Willow’s first steps, so you can imagine my primary requirement was that the pair I picked had to be good for the first steps. What I learned was that baby feet change sizes about every 3 months and that a flexible, thin shoe sole would be best. After browsing and ohh’ing and ahh’ing at the many choices, I finally settled on the Baby Pio Pio by Livie & Luca. The brand is known for having excellent quality and they also have a charitable outreach program.

20140426-230914.jpg Willow has really loved the transition to shoes. Where socks used to get the full pull and fling, the shoes sit tight and stay put. She’s a shoe girl. What more can I say!

I’ll Say Goodbye, Then You’ll Say Hello

20140421-231534.jpgGoodbye to the crawls. Goodbye to the falls off the mattress that’s laying on the floor. Goodbye to the breastmilk. Goodbye to the gurgly coos.

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Rosie clearly did not have a sling

rosieMy sling.  It is lost.  At 13 months, my tiny tot is a booming 22.5 pounds.  And we are currently living in a construction zone, which means 1) Not baby proof and 2) Limited baby proof sections 3)  Lots of baby carrying 4) Impossible baby wearing without my sling.

If I don’t recover this gem soon, I might find myself as a candidate for a arm wrestling competition real soon……………