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diy baby book

In college, I used to have this dilemma with day planners.  I hated all of the options.  Instead, what I would do was select a really cute journal and literally date each page for each school day with cute little boxes and color coded numbers.  It was a ridiculous plan, but if I did it, I was able to actually use the thing and stay organized.  (This was around the time people were starting to use Palm Pilots. hehe.)  For the baby book, I knew I wanted to do something different and like the day planners, I wasn’t digging the options in the marketplace.  I scoured the web looking for the One that would jump off my monitor and make me love it instantly.  I can’t even count how many Etsy pages I clicked through.  New.  Vintage.  Nothing.  Punch my own face.  Next I went to Barnes and Noble and ran to the baby book section to assess their collection.  Nothing was working for me.     (And in fact, theirs were in such bad beat up condition!)  So I decided I needed to make the baby book for Willow myself.  I ordered a leather journal with a pink ribbon enclosure and had Willow’s name embossed on the front.  The pages inside of the journal are all handmade papers and each one is so unique and different.  At month 3, I made some entries.  She has a page that will be used as I collect locks of her hair over the years.  There is a page with our hospital bracelets.  A page with the short list of names we considered for her.  Milestones are being documented.  Anyway, here are some images showing how it is coming along so far :)

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