They warned me in yoga that things might not go as planned. Namaste.

Before I even decided to try Natural Childbirth, I had hired a Doula to help me through the process.  I highly recommend getting a Doula to any woman going through pregnancy and childbirth regardless of where you choose to give birth.  A doula has a wealth of information and provides amazing emotional support before, during and after the birth of the baby.  One of the things she gave me, besides tremendous support, was a timeline of Willow’s birth.  And when it was all finished she reminded me that, despite things not going at all the way I had planned, that childbirth is powerful, humbling and empowering.




March 7, 2013

12:30am – Received call from Husband.  Laura having contractions very frequently.  Can hear her vocalizing in the background.

On my way.  On phone to hear Laura during contractions.  Contractions very frequent and Laura vocalizing loudly.

1:15am – Arrived.  Laura in tub in bathroom.  Laying on her back.  Contractions very frequent.  Suggest some different breathing techniques and she seems to handle contraction much better.

Out of tub.  Husband taking a quick nap.  Walking around living room and leaning over ball on table during contraction.  Try kneeling over couch.  Contractions still every 3 minutes or so. 

3:00pm – Call midwife with update.  Suggests we come in.

4:30am – Exam at birth center.  3cm and 100% effaced.

Shower.  Ball.  Walking.

6:30am – Exam shows 5cm and baby at 0 station.  Try side lying in bed.  Laura has difficult time tolerating contractions while lying down but is able to rest completely in between.

8:40am – 5 ½ cm.  Midwife ruptures membranes.  Meconium present.

Shower, bath, walking and lunging.

9:15am – Spontaneous bearing down while sitting on the ball.

10:17am – 6cm.  In tub.  Continues to feel the need to bear down during contractions.  Walking around room.  Sitting on Husband’s lap like birth stool.

11:00am – Decide to transport to hospital due to failure to progress.

12:15pm – At hospital

12:45pm – Epidural

1:00pm – Dr. S on call. Exam.  Cervix is 5cm and very swollen.  Baby “very low”.

3:22pm – 8cm.  Significant decelerations in baby’s heart rate during contractions.  Scalp electrode placed. 

4:30pm – Baby “super low”.  Only anterior lip left of cervix.  More significant decelerations of baby’s heart rate.  Laura given terbutaline to stop contractions to help baby recover.

5:24pm – Baby born!

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