Scrub-a-dub-dub, get that sunscreen off my soft spot.

nursing padsLet’s face it.  The very concept of washing a baby’s soft spot is intimidating.  Especially when washing off sunscreen is involved.  So is the rest of the slippery baby body once it gets wet.  You worry about dropping, dunking, water or soap in the eyes, etc.  When I set out on my quest for bath supplies for my baby, I found that I was pretty picky.  The regular old washcloths for babies at Target and the box baby stores were cheap feeling and not soft enough.  The handmade crochet washcloths on Etsy had me worrying about chemicals in the yarn’s dye.  The high end organic washcloths were uber expensive.  And all of those options seemed rather big in size and not easy to hold in one hand successfully while supporting baby with the other.  Then randomly one day as I was preparing a bath for Willow, I had a pile of folded laundry out on the table and my eye fell upon my organic washable nursing pads.  Aha!  Soft enough for sore nips with a shape that fits my hand perfectly.  It worked really well, really well.  I haven’t used anything else since.  The pads pictured in this post are my favorite of the different reusable nursing pads I tried (brand is called Dappi).  Others that I own got all bunched up and lost their softness after going in the dryer.  These pads, on the other hand, maintained their flat shape and soft texture.  So save some time, frustration and stress.  Organic nursing pads by day….organic baby washcloths by day, too.

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