There’s no such thing as a free breast pump, or is there?

pumpIf you want to have a long lasting and loving relationship with your nips, invest in a good breast pump.  That advice can’t be taken lightly.  I read and watched a lot of pump reviews when I was picking mine out and found that the vast majority of cheaper options caused women to get sore and even cracked or bleeding nipples.  Yikes!  The problem used to be that to get a really nice pump (ahem, Medela), it was out of budget for many families.  But now, it whether it is luck or simply “about time (sheesh!)”, insurance providers are now required to cover this expense thanks to Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  Wahoo!  Under my insurance at the time, after a few months of calls and emails and headaches and even a letter to the White House, I found that I could get the Medela Pump In Style for free or the Medela Freestyle for a hundo.  And let me tell you, I LOVE my freestyle for about a hundred reasons.  So it appears I paid a buck for each thing I like about it.  Oh and yes, the first time I ever pumped, I pumped to the song “Pump Up the Jam.”  Quite simply, amazing.  Here’s a link with more information.

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