I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dirty stains, too.

20130806-221449.jpgI’ve only ever used one brand of stain remover. But of that one brand, I’ve already been through 60 ounces of it. It’s basically the Kingslayer of stain removers, in my humble opinion. I had received a ~3 oz sample of it in the quintessential baby shower gift: the diaper cake. I think I only need to give one example to show why it made sense not to even try anything else…it removed a 31 year old stain from an outfit I wore as a baby. Exactly. Nuff said. And the brand is: Babies R Us. Who knew the liquid in the puke pink bottle would be so good! (PS- This was not an item on my must-haves shopping list for baby supplies while I was pregnant and planning, but is regularly an item on my shopping list nowadays. So if you’re already out, grab some. It’s a handy thing to have available on standby for both the pregnant lady 3am nesting activities as well as any old day with a newborn blow out diaper…hahaha! Ohhhh the old days….)

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