Yes MAM!

mamAs a first time mom, I was heavily coached at the hospital within hours of Willow’s birth not try a pacifier for at least 2-4 weeks for a couple of reasons – establishing milk supply, nipple confusion, inadvertently skipping feedings, etc.  So, I took the advice from the lactation consultants and waited to try them with Willow.  Sadly for my family, they weren’t able to hold her much in the beginning because she would cry if she wasn’t with me, since my ta-tas were the only thing she could suck on.  (If you aren’t aware, babies need to suck to soothe.)  Once the wait ended and I finally offered it, she didn’t quite understand what it was for and would basically reject it.  So I started having motherly guilt and worrying:  Have I ruined her chances of using this amazing feel good tool?  Ahhh, how could I??!  I spoke with her pediatrician and he recommended that I just keep trying.  ”Practice makes perfect.”  Ultimately it did work out.  (Sigh.)  Willow, Husband and I all love pacifiers now.  We refer to them as Bernard, as opposed to the alternatives binky, twinkie, etc.  They are nice for a few reasons.  For Willow, she is easily soothed with it.  Loves them day and night.  For me, I was able to transition from full time milk bank / human pacifier to a person who could actually keep a shirt on for a few hours at a time and regain some sense of modesty.  My mom told me to make sure I always have extras with me.  Definitely the right advice here.  I can’t even count how many times we have given one to Willow only to find after a little while that it is missing.  Bernard is sneaky like that.  Good thing he is cheap.  Each time I am at the grocery store or Target or where ever, I just grab another package.  You might be thinking I should start using a pacifier clip.  Eh…  Those are not really a bulletproof solution for us.  She grabs the cord and constantly rips the pacifier out of her mouth – making it defeat the purpose.  As for brand, we tried ALL of them.  MAM was her preference.  You know what else was cool – it helped Willow learn to pick up an object and get it into her mouth successfully.  The first time I saw that, it was a total OMG moment.

“Thank you MAM, may I please have another.” – Willow

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  1. Jackie

    We love the mams too. Mostly because you don’t have to worry about putting them in their mouths in both directions. I was so glad to get him off the soothies we got from the hospital! It was so weird how you can see through them.

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