You is smart. You is kind. You is important.

you is kindAs a parent, I have a duty to my child to teach her to love herself. I read a lot of articles on this topic. Some articles note that a little girl will gain confidence in her body image based on the way the mother describes her own body image. Some articles note that you shouldn’t ever call a little girl beautiful because she will grow up thinking that her looks are the sole representation of herself. Some articles warn us to be careful not to enter children into boy/girl stereotypes for things from toy selections as a child to career selections as an adult.

I’ll probably continue to ponder over this topic for years to come. My husband and I often call our daughter smart, cute, beautiful, etc. We also often compliment each other on cool outfits or for maintaining a weight after shedding a few pounds. We compliment each other on job performance and for being creative. I am not going to take the advice to not acknowledge Willow’s looks. But I have decided to start making a conscious effort to not say bad things about my own body just in case she really will build her self image from the one I have of myself. Sometimes I feel a little extra fluffy around my edges. But I have always had a good image of myself and feel confident. I want her to have the same feeling as she goes through life and through the ups and downs on the scale. I also want her to feel intelligent and creative. I want to come up with many activities over the years to allow her to become her true self and explore the things she finds exciting, whether it is in music or science, painting or building. She will always be my beautiful, smart, sassy little girl. I hope I do a good job so that she will always see it the same. (Post title credit to The Help.)

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