Knock knock. Who’s there? The boog in my nose – WAAA!

bulbHow do you make a tissue dance?  Put a boogie in it.  How do you make a baby stop crying?  Pull a boogie out of it.  (Not funny?)  Today’s post covers how to get a boog out of a baby’s nose.  You can tell when a cry is triggered by a boog because the baby will cry sort-of, then pause, then sniffle, then have a weird expression, and then cry again.  Or maybe that’s just Willow.  Several materials are needed to perform the “extraction”:

1. Infant nasal saline

2. Nose aspirator

3. Tissue or burp cloth

Step – Loosen it up:  Squirt nasal saline in both nostrils.  I always do both sides because it is impossible to determine which side has the boog while baby is crying or sniffling.  You may have to hold baby’s head steady.  If you do, just watch that you don’t poke the soft spot, since you will be intensely focused on the task at hand.

Step – Get it out:  Squeeze the nose aspirator away from baby’s face (critical), then put it up one side and release bulb to create the suction.  Remove quickly squeeze out air forcefully on tissue.  Squeeze (again away from baby’s face) and put it up the other nostril.  Release bulb again to create suction, then remove and squeeze out air forcefully on the tissue.  In this step the name of the game is s-p-e-e-d.  I never get the boog on the first try on either nostril.  And to make this more even exciting for me, usually Willow was annoyed to begin with and isn’t very cooperative.  So I have to be fast fast fast.  You also have to look very carefully in order to determine which side has the boog, while doing these actions.  Then once you have it figured out, keep doing the squeeze release until its out.  Don’t forget: squeeze air out away from the face and also don’t forget to squeeze next onto a tissue.

Based on the size of the 4 boogs I have extracted to date, I’d say Willow has a healthy amount of Daddy’s genes.  Poor girl… :)  But lucky for her, I consider myself to be an expert boog collector.  Yes, an expert.


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