Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now that I’m back at work, one of my favorite parts of the day is when I get to lay in my big, comfy bed to get Willow to sleep. (I’m a huge fan of co-sleeping. It has worked tremendously for us and allowed this mommy to stay well rested over the last 6 months. I totally recommend it to breastfeeding moms!!) All day I’m away from the house on weekdays. To help me through the adjustment period these last 3 weeks, my mom and husband have been great at sending me pictures and videos throughout the day. When I get home, I normally eat a delicious meal, play with Willow, catch up with my husband on his day and his business. All wonderful things. But when the sun goes down, so does Willow. That’s the time I get some serious snuggle time. When we get in bed, Willow likes to nurse for about 5-10 minutes. Then Bernard goes in. She spends the next 10-15 minutes talking to me, making flubber noises, stretching her legs in the air and kicking my legs, which are then curled up under her legs. (Mama’s the big spoon.) She gives me some kicks and does some serious booty lifts that would totally make Jane Fonda proud. Next her noises change from silly sounds to just light, cute humming sounds. Her arms move less and less. She tucks her tiny little baby toes into my thighs. She nods her head a few times from left to right to left until she’s finally all nuzzled into my chest. And then she’s off to dreamy land. It’s a simple part of life. For me it’s one of my favorite parts. Can you see why? By laying with her to fall asleep I feel so much love for her and I know she feels it, too. She always goes to sleep in perfect peace. I’m so proud to be a mama.

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