Watch Me Grow!

toesIt seems that I am constantly finding Willow doing new things.  From the first time she turned her head towards the television program that I had been watching (I’ll admit it, it was Wheel of Fortune), to the time she recognized herself in the mirror, to all of the times she gives huge smiles while watching videos of herself, to the moment she realized she could pull her legs up and put her toes in her mouth, to that first spontaneous laugh.  Way too many things to list in just 6 months.  Her development amazes me.  Here and there I will do some basic google searches to find out what will be on the horizon so that I can be on the lookout.  I know that stranger anxiety is in the near future, as is sitting up by herself for longer periods of time and crawling.  Well, today in one of my searches, I came across a really interesting read.  And intereslingly in itself is the fact that this article on 0-12 months of development was created by The LEGO Group.  It is only 54 pages long, which is short compared to the many books on the topic that are out there.  And the article is easy to understand.  So, wanted to pass on a link to the download.  Enjoy!

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