Hot Fudge is to Good, as Hot Car is to Bad.

20130828-151935.jpgAs the summer sizzle begins to fade, kids are returning to school, Halloween planning is in the air, and people are starting to get back into the fall swing of life. The air starts to cool. Outfits change from the perky neon pink to a more snoozy maroon. And hooray for favorite TV shows returning, like Parenthood! Lots of changes. Well unfortunately your car is not getting the memo or even noticing. It, on the other hand, continues to be a sanctuary of heat under the mid-day sun.
I recently watched a video on child fatalities caused by heat stroke. It traumatized me. Like completely. But I learned a few facts on this very real danger. I learned that babies bodies increase in temperature 10 times faster than adults do in hot weather. Moreover, they can fall victim to heat stroke in under 10 minutes. The dangers of leaving a child in a car are unimaginable. I normally like to include a fun pic with each post I write and today when I entered relevant search terms like “mom car” and “carseat heat”, you know what I found? Mug shots of parents. Also worth noting, the car is also not going to dish out the compliments you want over the dazzling vintage outfit that you dressed the darling in today! So be careful and be safe. Take those cute babies inside every time and let Rita at the register give you the warm and fuzzy oooo’s and ahhhh’s that you deserve!

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