Hey that’s mine!

20130829-125412.jpgI’m really lucky to have a baby that never cries. And by never, I mean never. So, you can imagine the shock I had yesterday when I saw tears well up in my baby’s eyes. Here’s what happened:

Over the last few weeks Willow has started to notice when my husband and I are eating. Since she knows what food is, she clearly expresses interest in the food with cute little squeaks and gestures. I like to give her tastes of things now that she is well on her way with solids. Last night was pizza. To share this with her, I tore off a large chunk of pizza crust so that she could hold it and gum it for a few minutes. Then when the crust got a little soggy I took it away because I was going to replace it with a new fresh chunk, to avoid the risk of a piece actually coming off in her mouth. Well, the days of being able to freely interchange objects in her baby hands are over. Boy was she offended. Her expression of innocent discovery of texture and flavor switched to “you totally hurt my feelings, Mommy”, complete with a curled lip, reddened eyebrows and welled-up eyes. It didn’t last long because I had the next piece ready really fast, but I sure saw that my tiny human is getting more advanced. She now has a rudimentary understanding of ownership. Isn’t that funny, since just the day before I was complimenting the fact that her lungs supply her air all by themselves.

“Keep up Mommy, that is soooo 6 months ago.”

(And a comment for all you experienced mamas out there: Quit it with the evil laugh!)

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