diy baby quilt

quiltswatchesOne of the things that my mom does for each grandchild is the baby quilt. It’s a really special gift, amassed with a delicate blend of motherly and grandmotherly love. Each cut of fabric, motion of the presser foot and stitch off the bobbin is carried out with hands eagerly preparing to soon hold the new bundle of joy. She let’s the new mamas pick the design for their first born, after that she (thinks she) gets to pick out all of the subsequent quilt designs. I’ve been watching her make many of them over the years for all of my nieces and nephews. But, finally last November it was time for her to start Quilt #11, the quilt for Willow. We set her up in the guest room of our house, complete with a table, lamp, sewing machine and a baby gate at the door, with a hard-to-use latch. She was let out of the room a few times a day for meals and in the end her hard work paid off.  The quilt came out perfectly.

quilt pattern2 quilt letters quilt sewingquilt frontquilt bottom

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