Stack ‘em, Whack ‘em, Strain ‘em, Drain ‘em


The Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups by Munchkin are bright, versatile and fun.  I purchased them online for $6 with free shipping.  The set includes 7 toys in a single package.  They are marketed for the bathtub because each cup bottom has a unique design of holes for straining water.  In our house, the cups are currently an indispensable part Daytime Playtime.  The size of the cups are good for a 6 month old who is learning fine motor skills.  They also encourage full body movement – when one slips out of reach, I find Willow often working to scoot toward it to restore it into her tiny clutches.  The edges are also nice on her toothless gums.  They are super easy to clean in the kitchen sink with warm, soapy water.  They look like they are not too age-specific either, due to their ability to be stacked up tall or to be connected in a link to create the caterpillar.  For the time being, I do the stacking and she does the whacking.  This is an easily recommended product and I will likely be buying additional sets for baby shower gift add-ons in the future.  (Buy at Amazon, bigger


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