Again! Again!

Watch video buttonIt’s a precious moment that starts with a flash of a smile all too quickly replaced by a revealed shyness and a hidden face that she tucks into my body when I play Willow one of the many videos I have recorded of her with my cell. She peeks around the edge of my body to look again once she hears more of her baby babbles coming out of the device. It’s one of the only times that I see her react like this and it is just too cute.

We watch the videos together when we are waiting patiently for something or when we are winding down from the excitement of the day. She absolutely cannot get enough, willing to watch again and again as many times as I will hit the play button. Due to her interest in this, I started a science experiment of sorts. I opened the iPhone video watching door a little wider and asked my in-laws to send me videos of themselves talking to Willow. (They live out of town.) And while I have personally seen Grammy talk about “getting the sugars” from her a few times too many, Willow just can’t get enough! I am wondering if it is going to even prevent some or (knock on wood) all of what would normally be the inevitable stranger-danger fears when they are in town visiting in the near future. How amazing would that be?! Only time will tell. Until then, Grammy will keep getting the sugars, and I will keep laughing about how funny that video is : ) And for Willow, oh she will keep on doing the best job being a baby.

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