Say Cheese! Passport, please!


I’m about to set sail crossing the Big Pond for the first time Tot-in-Tow and I am finding it to be quite complex to plan. One of the major obstacles is getting the Wee One a US Passport. There are some serious rules to get the application’s green light from the kind government officials at the passport agency, which if aren’t followed, will mean you leave empty handed with a big fat “better luck next time” sign hanging around your neck. I swear that when we were there, 100% of the families that waltzed in the door waltzed right back out because something was missing…including mine.

I had done my research. I tackled what I thought were my 2 biggest obstacles head on – 1. obtaining a copy of Willow’s birth certificate and 2. planning a trip for me to get out of work early so that all three of us (me, Daddy, Willow) would all be there together. I was prepared with my drivers license, my birth certificate, my marriage license, my husband’s passport and two printed copies of the completed Passport application. ‘What could she possibly be missing?’ you might be asking. I’m still laughing about it – a paper check. Who knew that the leaders of the free world are not equipped to take American Express or Visa or even the very bills they mint themselves. Luckily our bank was nearby, so we were able to get this taken care of really quickly and come back to complete the process on the same day.

Willow looked so darling sitting up in the chair getting her first official photo taken. I’m so insane, I was supporting her waist thinking how proud I was that she could sit for the picture like a real person with everyone watching her and ooo’ing and ahhh’ing at her. Mommy didn’t get the collar of her dress situated properly, but I’d still say she looks just adorable sporting Mona Lisa’s smile.

Passport. Check! Next up – lightweight stroller that can hold an infant carseat, posh warm baby clothes, baby noise canceling headphones to sport at a rock show and airplane entertainment.

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  1. Kim

    Oh my goodness! What a cute passport pic! I’m so excited you and Miss W are going to go see the dudes!!!! I love it.

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