James, Fetch me my dinner jacket and a package of diapers.

dipeAs I often do in life, I took the “scenic route” before discovering the fine art of diapering a young one.  Major cloth diaper fails, without backup disposables ready.  Living further than a 30 minute drive to shops carrying chlorine free options.  And the quintessential midnight diaper excursion for daddy, unplanned of course.  I suppose we could say that I just tried those things so that I would be better suited to write a review on this basic need of all new and repeat parents:  Diaper Service.  Or we can simply say better late than never.  Either way, I am on the righteous path now, and Willow’s bum has never been happier.

I signed up for the diaper service offered by honest.com through a referral from a friend and I love love love it. First of all, I never have to watch my stash of dipes and wipes. They come every month and auto debit my bank. Getting the wipes with the service is definitely key.  Second, the designs are cutsie wootsie. I get the biggest compliments on Willow’s unmentionables when she sports a skulls&crossbones or comic themed KABOOM! under a delicate 1970s baby dress paired of course with tiny baby cowboy boots. In fact even the pediatrician compliments them at the well baby visits and we can be certain that that old war horse has trotted around the diaper track many a time. Third, I never have to watch my stash of dipes and wipes. Oh yeah, I already said that…but that really is the best part.  My only jobs in this process are to update the size when necessary and update the designs when I feel like it.  There are several other options for monthly diaper services if honest.com isn’t for you.  I haven’t tried these others, but I did research them a little. For cloth services, check this link.  It provides references across most of the land of the free.  Amazon Mom also offers a 20% discount on select brands when you sign up for a monthly delivery service.

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