You ain’t seen nothing yet, b-b-b-baby!

option2Every morning on my way to work I call my sister.  I greet her with a lovely gooooooood morning, take a sip of my iced vanilla coffee and settle in for a 45 minute talk on all things life and mommyhood.  I give her the warm and fuzzy life updates associated with having a happy, smiley, wonderful 7 month old baby.  I ask her for advice on things sometimes as I am planning this or that, or I tell her a funny story.  Next I ask her for the scoop on her brood.  I normally get an update on how things have gone that morning with getting the kids ready and off to school or on how things went the prior night as she juggled through homework, sports schedules, tutoring or speech lessons and family visits.  Each day I learn something new from her (like the fact that you can borrow books from the library electronically for reading on iPad…who knew!).  She is an amazing woman and really dedicates her life to raising her kids to be thoughtful, well-rounded, active, educated.  I love the fact that she has to constantly remind her second oldest that bunching up clean clothes in the bottom of the closet is not actually considered putting them away.  And I love the fact that her daughter’s gymnastics lessons are highly respected, despite the fact that the darling is likely going to be too tall for that passion to work out, as it similarly hadn’t for my sister and I for the same reason.  It’s sooo interesting to hear the updates on her oldest, who is in highschool and busy these days with plans for Homecoming dances and banging up mom’s car from the driver’s seat!  And the thing is, I really love that I have my own beautiful spyglass into what parental life will be like once my daughter is older and has opinions and quirks and even siblings.  Often times I find myself wondering how it can be possible that I am Willow’s mom, a consistent, everyday presence in her life always ready to hug and hold and bounce and kiss.  And yet each day and week after week, Willow becomes a new version of herself.  Willow the original.  Willow 2.0.  Willow 3.0.  It isn’t usual to know a person through so much change.  She grows everyday stronger and smarter and even more independent (sigh).  Right now Willow is at the point where she wants to hold and lick everything, primarily objects just beyond her reach.  She is getting up on hands and knees and even rocks a bit before plummeting into the 27th face-plant of the day.  Just a month ago, her biggest accomplishments were rolling over and doing 360 tummy pinwheels.  And a month before that was bringing her arms together and grasping objects.  In a short amount of time she will be very mobile, and will be putting my soon-to-be-revealed mommy skills of house-proofing to the test.  I was taken by surprise when at her recent 6 month check up the pediatrician recommended that I get the number for Poison Control loaded in my phone on speed-dial.  ”Babies will always be about 2 feet further in abilities to reach things than parents plan for. (snort)”  I’m not ready at all for the days when Willow will want to rush off to school or hang out with friends instead of me.  I can’t imagine my perfect tot ever saying “No!”  But luckily for the time being, I’m just an innocent bystander watching it unfold for my sister as I sit on the sidelines nursing a fresh baby girl.  One day my time will come to pull those crumbled-up, clean clothes off the closet floor.  It will be me instead of her driving a giant 18-wheeler around from one kid event to the next.  But as Juba (from Gladiator) would say, “but not yet…not yet.”

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  1. Kim

    I love this! Laura you’ve become a MOM!

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