And All That Bib!

20131004-233651.jpgShortly before Willow was born, I completed my meticulous, ridiculous, patriotic duty of home nesting. My husband likely shouted God Bless America and tooted his kazoo the day I finished. Not a single nook or cranny was left untouched. And in the kitchen the oh-so-important space for Tupperware was deprioritized and relocated to make way for a drawer dedicated to baby essentials. I swear that 7 pound bundle of joy was allocated as much space as a teenage girl could fill with nail painting supplies.
One category of goo goo goodies I had accrued quite a lot of at showers was bibs. For the first feeding of solids I of course selected a very cute cloth bib that Auntie had procured at her town’s Apple Butter Making Days craft festival. It’s a beautiful design, done in vintage gold and green with a delicate curve outline, trimmed with lovely hand stitching. And luckily it will be smeared across photo albums and the baby book forever, because it, along with the rest of my bib loot have been collecting dust and dander in that drawer ever since I ordered and started using the BABYBJORNB Soft Bib. I love it. Both grandmothers love it. My husband loves it. It’s easy to get on and secure into place. It has a big pocket on the bottom edge to catch the drips, slobbers and spills. A pocket that now fascinates Willow day after day as she peers down in between bites looking for a dropped segment of a drenched baby cracker or to get the ooze of the mushy peas swirled around. It’s also uber cute. Best of all it cleans up magically fast, ready for the next meal with the mere swipe of a wipe. I’m planning to take it on our upcoming pond hop to Holland and I’m willing to betcha that I’ll be praising the Bib Gods for this timeless treasure a few times in flight. I recommend it to all moms. From other reviews I’ve perused, many parents rave that it is still used by their darlings for 2 to 3 or more years. What can I say? It’s awesome. So go buy one! Here or here

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