“Ahh, you startled me!” “Sorry, Mommy.”

Casper-Friendly-Ghost-ScaredThe only thing I can say about what I am about to tell you is: My ta-tas are scared!

I didn’t know how much I would enjoy breastfeeding when I was preggers. I had planned to do it, but even as I planned to start, I more quickly planned how I would quit. I had planned to pump and freeze so that the moment she could sleep through the night I could call it quits. Afterall, I had margaritas to get back to and my body had been under house arrest for 9.5 months! Interestingly, now that I’m over 7 months in and have that freezer full of milk, combined with the fact that the pediatrician told me to start working on sleep training, I find myself in no hurry to get er done. When Willow is really hungry and can tell I’m gearing up to feed her, she lets out this almost giggle-like “heh heh”, ejects her paci and then starts wiggling her head around until she’s chugging away. I love that sound. I mean love it. I often wonder, would I still get to hear it if I wasn’t still breastfeeding? And what about at night? Would I still get to have 10-12 hours of straight snuggles if I went along with sleep training instead of waking to feed her every time I get the swift heel-to-the-face wake up call between 1-6am? My baby is growing fast, and I don’t want to have any part in hurrying her along. My mom always says that kids need to be kids as long as they can, because they will have a long time to have to be an adult. Well, my baby doesn’t have much time left to live life with the baby rules of life. I just want to have a slow and steady pace and grow up with her as a mommy at her own speed.

What’s this got to do with scared ta-tas you ask? Well baby girl decided to sprout her first tooth! And while it’s just darling and amazing to see…..my ta-tas are scared, especially since they’ve gotten her first bite! Yoweee!!! Looks like it’s time for some research: how to breastfeed my wonderful little gal, with teeth. (chomp chomp! ahhhhhh!)

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