A mother is a girl’s best friend.

20131120-231129.jpgI spent the evening preparing the house for the babysitter with various informational and instructional lists. While my husband was away for two months on business, I had the fine luxury of having my mom here to help me. So much happened over these last two months. Sprouting teeth. Curling hair. Child-proofing rooms. First trip for baby to the ocean. Baby started crawling. Baby started pulling to a stand. Thanksgiving dresses were sewn. Newborn to 9 months clothes and toys were shrink-bagged and tucked away.

We enjoyed lunches together nearly 3 days a week, coupled with bonding time those days driving together to and from the office for my 45 minute commute. Every weekend we were on ranch time and filled every minute with exactly what we wanted to do. A new baby monitor was purchased as an early Christmas present allowing me to peek in at my little one from my office. Hugs were shared. Laughs galore. I had days when 3 kinds of chicken fell on my toes. Another when a skunk sprayed my car. Got new brakes and 4 new tires within a week of each other. Had a call to AAA when the tire blew out. Another call to them when I accidentally left my purse at work and used my last gallon to get to the driveway. We’ve made road trips for craft/vintage markets. We’ve learned how to get Willow in a car seat happily. And how to get YouTube vids to play back to back automatically from the iPad, critical for lengthy car rides. Breastmilk has been spilled countless times. And more than once it there was a person besides me who had to acknowledge breastmilk was indeed on her shirt! Two months have come and two months have gone. I’m sad that it’s time for my mom to head out. But leave it to a mother to make sure her baby is left in good hands. She found her replacement:
the babysitter I prepared for this evening. Tomorrow she’s shadowing my mom and learning the ropes from the pro. I’ll admit I’m quite a bit nervous for the first stranger to hold my precious baby, let alone watch her all alone. I’m gonna miss my mama and it’s going to be for so many different reasons. But thank heavens for my new nanny cam :) and thank heavens also that my mom will be back again soon (January)!

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