We knew you. We loved you.

Fotor1greats2One of the things I looked most forward to when we headed home for the Thanksgiving holiday celebration was getting a few snaps of Willow with her living great-grandparents.  She only has them on my husband’s side of the family.  I never knew any of my great-grandparents.  I actually only knew one of my grandmothers and none of my grandfathers.  I’ve seen all of them in pictures, but all but the one had passed before I was born.  I’ve found myself sometimes wondering if I’d feel more of a connection to them if I had seen myself with them in the family photo albums that my mom diligently and dutifully compiled over the years.  But of course those photos just weren’t possible for me.  I’ve even told my mom that I never really saw her as someone’s child because she’s just always been the Mom and the MeMaw, but never really the daughter…at least in my eyes.  Good for Willow, she is well-to-do in the great-grandparents department: she has three!  They were all really overjoyed meeting her, commented on her peaceful and pleasant nature and twice she was called “a dandy”.

I’m excited to make the entries in her baby book.  Later in life, she’s surely going to know without a doubt that she had them, she met them and they loved her very much.  They all kissed her on her beautiful head.

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