My main event for 2014.


Willow will be 9 months old in 3 days.  Hard to believe it.  Things I am working on are making an evening bath time before bedtime routine, waving hey hey and bye bye, getting Willow to take two naps a day,  teaching my pup to lap up the fallen happy puffs around her high chair.  You know, the basics.  The Bear Necessities.  Another thing that has certainly peaked my attention is initiating plans for THE FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!  Hey hey indeed!  I’ve been tirelessly perusing Pinterest for birthday planning ideas and last night I started a new board here to collect those that I love.  The picture of the baby with balloons in the crib is a must.  I’m also hoping for nice weather because we definitely want to have an outdoor theme.  Overall, I’m thinking for the theme of a cross between Alice and Wonderland and The Secret Garden.  For that, I love the mossy look of the sign I pinned to the board.  Izze sodas with cute straws poking out for the adults.  Fresh fruits and finger foods for the tots.  A big white tent.  Feel good music.  And what is a party if not for having cute invitations, and save the dates even sooner.  Oh and the birthday outfit…or should I say outfits!!!  Hello!  For any lady, who, after her wedding, missed the planning and the grandeur of that event, rest assured:  planning a child’s birthday seems to be as much fun.

I’m going to continue to use this particular post as my personal collection pot for party notions.  (Feel free to sign up for notifications so that you will know when I’ve added in updates!)  It will be touched up here and there each time I find a new tip, trick or decoration for the festivities.  I want to be really prepared to cut the ribbon and eat the cake.  I might be a bit over-zealous to have started the planning already.  But as a working mama of a 9 month old dearie, I really do think I better get started.  For my wedding, I forgot my manicure and never packed an overnight bag with clothes for the next day.  For my baby delivery, I took castor oil.  This time Mama’s going to get it right!

Forget Me Nots

Display the outfit you brought the birthday child home from the hospital in next to an outfit that currently fits to show how much the baby has grown in the past year.

Use toy blocks to spell out “Happy Birthday (your child’s name)”. Put it them on a shelf, or use them as the centerpiece.

Make a play corner for your littlest guests. Put out books, toys and stuffed animals on a blanket or quilt.

Young children love helium balloons. Have lots of them floating throughout the party room. Attach ribbons so the children can reach them and pull them down to play. Be sure to clean up any broken balloons at once, the pieces are a dangerous choking hazard.

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