New Year, New Job, New House…Same Mama, Awesome Everything

20140301-005930.jpg2014 has started with a bang! My tiny tot has nearly become a toddling toddler. We bought a new house. My employer hired me on full time. It’s been so busy and a little neurotic voice in my head asked me to pause from my blog world in an effort not to jinks anything. My family of three has been through wave after wave of stress, shock, surprise, change and finally sheer joy.
With Willow’s first birthday rapidly approaching, I’m glad to report things are settling in a bit. The birthday bash will be on hold for a few months since daddy will be away on business for a few weeks in each of the next 3 months. But Papa, Grammy and Auntie BB will be here for a smaller celebration of Willow’s big day. Sometimes now that I’m a mother I can’t help but think that birthdays should really involve a celebration of the mamas, too. Not just for going through the child birthing process, but also for making it through the year. What a year this has been for me – the best one of my life. My baby makes me so proud. She has developed a beautiful personality that compliments her curly reddish-blonde locks. She has a sense of humor. Daddy and I love the fact that she knew to laugh when he thought a Tupperware bowl should sit on his face. Grammy laughs as Willlow zooms around the place in her walker. As the new rolls in, the old rolls out. Baby gates galore are here for a while, while memories of breastfeeding grow further away. Swaddles and swings are being replaced with Velcro shoes and tippy cups.

Happy New Year to everyone – I don’t care if it’s already March. I’m happy and blessed. This year is going to be awesome!


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