I’ll Say Goodbye, Then You’ll Say Hello

20140421-231534.jpgGoodbye to the crawls. Goodbye to the falls off the mattress that’s laying on the floor. Goodbye to the breastmilk. Goodbye to the gurgly coos.

Goodbye to the swaddle and goodbye to the swing. Goodbye to the activity mat, your time has come and gone. Goodbye to tiny shoes, booties and socks. Goodbye to the cutie vintage bloomers. Goodbye tummy time and goodbye vitamin D drops. Goodbye mushy peas. Goodbye to the little baby things. My Willow is walking and I know life’s going to change. I’m going to miss the old as the older charges in. But I’m also going to love the new as each next moment in life is surprising and exciting. Hello to baby dancing. And hello to the baby hugs starting to squeeze back at mama. Willow my darling, let’s hold on tight until the next phase rolls on in. And PS, good night my love. Sweet dreams. I love you.


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