Tiger Stripe is Not Just an Ice Cream Flavor


One of the first things I wondered about after finding out I was preggers was stretch marks.  After scouring the internet and even taking a precautionary visit to a dermatologist, I picked out a natural oil based product at Whole Foods called Mother’s Special Blend.  The packaging seriously looks like it was bottled in 1973.  And who’s to say it wasn’t.  Like a fine wine…I don’t think it is predetermined who will get them and who will not.  But what I did find is that you have to be at your ideal weight prior to pregnancy and gain a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy.  And you have to moisturize your skin.  Skip any of those three steps and you are headed to the demilitarized zone.  Did I like this product?  Hell yes.  Would I use it again?  Yup.

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