I Like the Way You Think, Baby!

20140628-220743-79663995.jpgI have a goal to raise a happy baby. I don’t believe in negative discipline. I don’t believe in guilt trips. I honestly don’t believe in saying the word no all of the time, even as hard as it is to avoid when my tot charges towards a trash can or cactus. Willow’s been trying out some new talents that accompany her growing brain’s ability to think. She climbs on everything. She’s got a cute fake cry. In the high hair her primary action is to swipe left right left right left right and fllllllling!
And I can’t complete this list of accomplishments without acknowledging the topper: she’s finally figured out how those Velcro flaps on the diaper work and has the brilliant instinct to run away from it once it drops!! Yay!!! While all of these things are not “right”, her little self doesn’t know if they are “wrong” either. I think she just knows things like 1. Wow I couldn’t do that before. 2. I love the way mommy looked when I did that. 3. Oh that sounds soooooo cool. 4. I love squish! I love squish! It’s creative. So I let her do these things. And I even give applause to some of it. I’m quite confident that she will actually consume meals from a plate and will have emotional intelligence by the time she’s my age. I’m raising a happy baby. Exploring the world in a new way, together.

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