Snugly Oldie, Multipurpose Goodie

20140710-133935-49175723.jpgWhether nature or nurture, Baby Willow loves a cozy spot to snuggle. In May, I bought her the Anywhere Beanbag by Pottery Barn Kids and have certainly gotten my dollars’ worth. It’s a high quality, cozy pod to lay in, grab a snack or catch a movie.
She found it was also a good spot to play a round of “Timber” by falling right into it. The cover I selected is the furry, oh-so-soft Sherpa, which is machine washable, too(!!). When I dry it, I put it in the dryer on the Air Only setting. The size is just right and it triples as a floor cushion for daddy as well as a soft spot under the bay window as a point of good measure for Willow when she’s walking around in the bay just in case of an accidental spill off the ledge. After 2 months of having it, not a day has passed that it hasn’t been used. Good purchase, all around.

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