Fetching Foam

20140711-070756-25676035.jpgA few months ago I found myself in a pickle regarding bath toys. From about 4 to 12 months, the standard foam letters were the highlights of the tub. Good to chew on and stick to the wall. But around the big birthday, I knew she was ready for something more. The problem was most things I saw were a little too advanced. Bath time basketball. Gone fishin magnetic poles. All good fun. But at a later time. I finally stumbled upon the Floating Wonder Blocks by eWonderWorld via Amazon.
Cute foam blocks. Stackable fun. The quality feels nice. They didn’t have a weird smell (hey the smell test is a valid test!). I like the gender neutral colors and also that they are basic colors. We are working on colors at home now. Willow likes the foam platform that came with to stack things on, all sorts of things including her shampoo. The toys are thicker than I expected in a good way. And 2 rubber duckies to boot! If I was going to a baby shower anytime soon I’d probably grab a package of these to toss on top. I kind of felt like it was a lucky find for that in between stage of level of difficulty. The really cool part is just recently her play style has transformed to that of a little kid. Splashing, tossing, laughing. Acting silly. She likes to take the small cylindrical shapes and stack them on the tub wall’s built in soap holder and then send them flying with a giggle. 20140711-070755-25675938.jpg

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