Five Fives

20140716-201714-73034917.jpg Today I’m sharing 5 lists of 5. Life with a toddler tot is…dynamic…to say the least. Things that are scary, fun, silly, annoying, real, life. So read on!

List 1 Here is a list of some recent Willow acts that have stopped my pulse:
1. Being handed a sharp knife from the dishwasher from Willow.
2. Willow climbing a built-in bookcase in my bedroom.
3. Willow walking wobbly on the couch.
4. Willow jumping in the bed.
5. Willow throwing her self to the floor to express frustration.

List 2 Here’s a list of acts that instead made my heart skip a beat:
1. My head being hugged tightly when we woke up.
2. Willow running across the driveway to greet me after work.
3. Willow saying “Hiiiiii” and waving trying to get me on her side of the baby gate.
4. Willow snuggling my arm to fall asleep with 2 hands and a face cheek.
5. Baby snores.

List 3 Here’s a list of my little darling’s accomplishments:
1. Putting the trash bag in the trash can.
2. Properly placing the Little People in the singing school bus.
3. Patting the drums and shouting like a crazy musician.
4. Delivering mama flip flops when Willow thinks it’s time to go outside.
5. Putting food on a fork and eating it.

List 4 Here are a few accomplishments that are coming soon (or at least before she starts college):
1. Managing frustrations.
2. Bonafide running.
3. Driving a power wheel.
4. Pointing to body parts on demand.
5. Calling Aunite BeBe by name.

List 5 Here’s the list of fun miscellaneous tidbits regarding my little toddler:
1. Willow developed a new dance move- the one hand shake in the air with no other body part dancing.
2. Willow’s nose resembles that of her first cousin Luke.
3. The crib has been converted to a toddler bed.
4. The girl knows how to remove a diaper.
5. Willow loves to play 2 musical instruments simultaneously and likes to hum notes and loves an applause after playing the piano.

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