An avid reader of fiction. Less words the better, please.

Me and MeowWillow won’t pay attention to just any book.  Why should she?  At 4 months, she has preferences and is learning how to specify them.  She prefers fiction over non-fiction.  Plain images over fancy sketches.  Her first favorite book was Me and Meow.  It’s totally a bizarre read.  The book’s images are pretty elementary and inconsistent.  (Is it strange that I have noticed that the number of whiskers on the cat’s face and the thickness of its tail vary from page to page?)  The story covers a day in the life of a little girl “Me” and her giant red cat “Meow”.  ”Me” plays tricks, throws tantrums, makes food, has fun and even does the dishes.  ”Meow” tags along and humors its owner.  It’s just weird.  Buy hey, to see my 4 month old smile when this familiar text comes off the shelf, I just might say I love it, too.  In fact, I was talking to a friend recently and went far enough to proclaim that it was better than Guess How Much I Love You, a book that Willow had no time for, and the person nearly cried.  Oops.  I guess there’s going to be plenty of time for that one later.  For now, we will press on as Me and Willow with Me and Meow.  Again!  Again!

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