Recipe for a Perfect Marg: Tequila, OJ, Lime, Salt, Ice, Swaddle, Swing and the Monitor

MARGWhen you have a baby, life will change. Yeah yeah.  We get it.  Everyone says this.  But how will it change?  That is the question.  Here is one part of the answer:  you will become completely 100% glued to The Precious by The Precious.  Babies need their mamas and they are not afraid to say so.  You are no longer in control of what you do and what you can accomplish in a day.  Yes, this is why the mani/pedis will stop, your hair will stop getting combed, and you will keep wearing maternity clothes longer than physically necessary.  Um, yea, so.  No judgement.  If you want nap time to exist without involving your arms and without tears from The Precious, seriously consider purchasing a swaddle or three.  Velcro.  They make her feel all snuggly-wuggly-cozy-wozy.  And once she gets the hang of it, you will once again be able to slip outdoors and into the chaise lounge with a book in the shade.  And if you are really lucky, someone will hand you a delicious margarita to celebrate the occasion.  I’m being honest.  Swaddles are no joke.

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