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Watch Me Grow!

toesIt seems that I am constantly finding Willow doing new things.  From the first time she turned her head towards the television program that I had been watching (I’ll admit it, it was Wheel of Fortune), to the time she recognized herself in the mirror, to all of the times she gives huge smiles while watching videos of herself, to the moment she realized she could pull her legs up and put her toes in her mouth, to that first spontaneous laugh.  Way too many things to list in just 6 months.   Read more…

smiling planet

This book is really cute and has a great message.  I got it as a gift after my baby was born and just recently pulled it off the shelf.  Glad I did!

I read to my baby everyday so that one day she will have a giant brain, just like her daddy.

An avid reader of fiction. Less words the better, please.

Me and MeowWillow won’t pay attention to just any book.  Why should she?  At 4 months, she has preferences and is learning how to specify them.  She prefers fiction over non-fiction.  Plain images over fancy sketches.  Her first favorite book was Me and Meow.  It’s totally a bizarre read.   Read more…