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If they made them in your size, you’d wear them, too.

Willow's cool leg warmersBaby leg warmers are chic and practical.  Paired with a bloomer, they provide nice cover-up from the chill of household air-conditioning.  They are shed easily before swaddling for nap time to prevent sweating and over-heating.  I definitely get my $ out of them.  They come in many cute styles for purchase.  Willow’s sporting a pair from Crummy Bunny in this picture.  Also check out Hobo Mama’s easy warmer pattern online for free.

diy baby quilt

quiltswatchesOne of the things that my mom does for each grandchild is the baby quilt. It’s a really special gift, amassed with a delicate blend of motherly and grandmotherly love. Each cut of fabric, motion of the presser foot and stitch off the bobbin is carried out with hands eagerly preparing to soon hold the new bundle of joy. Read more…