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Birthing Center or Hospital? Choose your own ending maybe?

bigger bumpBefore I became preggers I was under the opinion that I would go to a hospital for sure and get an epidural immediately.  I definitely judged birthing centers as being completely inadequate.  I felt like a birthing center was a place for hippies and lacked people with specialization to handle major medical events like birth.  Shortly after becoming pregnant, I started reading a ton of literature on natural child birth.  I read that birthing is a natural process and that the woman’s body is designed to do it without interventions.  I read that women are far more likely to get a C-section the moment they step in the door of a hospital. Read more…

They warned me in yoga that things might not go as planned. Namaste.

Before I even decided to try Natural Childbirth, I had hired a Doula to help me through the process.  I highly recommend getting a Doula to any woman going through pregnancy and childbirth regardless of where you choose to give birth.  A doula has a wealth of information and provides amazing emotional support before, during and after the birth of the baby.  One of the things she gave me, besides tremendous support, was a timeline of Willow’s birth.  And when it was all finished she reminded me that, despite things not going at all the way I had planned, that childbirth is powerful, humbling and empowering.



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