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My main event for 2014.


Willow will be 9 months old in 3 days.  Hard to believe it.  Things I am working on are making an evening bath time before bedtime routine, waving hey hey and bye bye, getting Willow to take two naps a day,  teaching my pup to lap up the fallen happy puffs around her high chair.  You know, the basics.  The Bear Necessities.  Another thing that has certainly peaked my attention is initiating plans for THE FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!  Hey hey indeed!  I’ve been tirelessly perusing Pinterest for birthday planning ideas and last night I started a new board here to collect those that I love.   Read more…

A mother is a girl’s best friend.

20131120-231129.jpgI spent the evening preparing the house for the babysitter with various informational and instructional lists. While my husband was away for two months on business, I had the fine luxury of having my mom here to help me. So much happened over these last two months. Sprouting teeth. Curling hair. Child-proofing rooms. First trip for baby to the ocean. Baby started crawling. Baby started pulling to a stand. Thanksgiving dresses were sewn. Newborn to 9 months clothes and toys were shrink-bagged and tucked away.

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“Ahh, you startled me!” “Sorry, Mommy.”

Casper-Friendly-Ghost-ScaredThe only thing I can say about what I am about to tell you is: My ta-tas are scared! Read more…

Moon Baby Milestones

Makes the mama very proud!!